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To get music from YouTube you don’t have to install any soft on your pc or device, or watch any advertisement and hope for result in short time. The way of solving the problem is to use our YouTube music converter – flv2mp3.

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Flv2mp3 music service allows solving the problem of downloading music from YouTube in seconds. It works very simple:

  • Copy URL of music video from YouTube you need

  • Click CONVERT TO MP3 button

  • After appearing of DOWNLOAD button click it and download will start.

  • You can use it unlimited times: we have no limits on quantity of downloaded songs, so you can download as much music as you want.


    What is the difference between FLV2MP3 and other similar services?


    • We are not an advertising company, so you will need not watch piles of advertising videos to download music from YouTube. No banners, o pop-ups – nothing to complicate users work.

    • We have no limits on quantity of downloaded songs. Sometimes we cant handle the overload, but instead of limiting we just wider or abilities. Be sure, that music conversion from YouTube will be as fast as it possible.

    • We let you to get music from YouTube absolutely free, and take no money for it.

    • Our service of extracting music from YouTube works very fast: be sure it will be downloaded before you would finish reading this text.


    How can you thank us?

    Just write about us in socials, like Facebook, tweeter or your own blog. That will be enough for us to continue making this YouTube service faster and easier.